Victoria’s approach to skincare

When asked why I’m so passionate about treating skin naturally, I reply that in my younger years I discovered through bitter personal experience what happens when you make your skin care choices based on marketing hype rather than sound science.

You can end up with sensitised skin that can go from dry to irritated, angry, spotty and even greasy as it desperately tries to create balance for itself again.

That’s right, your skin is always trying to balance itself, but most of us just treat the symptoms rather than the underlying cause of the imbalance and this just makes the problem worse.

Understanding this was the beginning of my journey to truly understanding the fundamentals of skin health and I’m now on a mission to bring an educated approach to skin care to anyone who’s struggling with an out of balance skin.

This means helping people understand what their skin really needs instead of following quick fix fads, unnecessary cosmetic procedures or simply relying on cosmetics to cover up their skin care problems.

My ethos at The Skin Health Clinic is to provide you with the best correction and prevention strategies available today designed to effectively treat the most challenging skin conditions, by giving your skin exactly what it needs to restore its natural balance and health.

We can do this because we truly understand skin, and our goal is to help you to understand yours too. So rather than following quick fix fads, marketing hype or simply relying on cosmetics to cover up their skin care problems we can help you address them safely and effectively.

By now you’ll have realised how passionate we are about restoring skin to its healthy natural balance because we know how you feel about your skin can impact your life and confidence on a daily basis.

With this in mind you can be sure that after a visit to the Skin Health clinic you’ll leave feeling refreshed and well cared for.

We look forward to meeting you.

Clinic Director