A common misconception is that Acne only affects teenagers, but more adults than ever are now suffering from acneic skin conditions and they need help too.

When we look at the skin and see a problem it is normally a symptom of an underlying cause.

This cause will be a combination of both internal and external factors:

Internal Factors: hormones, diet, health, medication
External Factors: topical products, the sun, picking the skin, the environment and much more
Predisposed: Problem skin is hereditary, if a family member has had acne; you will have a predisposition to this condition

Mix all the above together and it can cause havoc. Some of you will have the odd spot, some will have a selection and unfortunately some will have aggressive acne.

How we treat Acne?

When you come to see us, we will work with you and explain to you why your skin is doing what it is doing. We offer a wide range of professional treatments to help.

As the causes of Acne are multi-faceted, a customised treatment plan is the best approach. Out team of skin therapists understand the causes of acne and can develop a treatment program that is right for you.

Acne or Spot prone Skin’s will benefit from:

• In-clinic treatments- to improve cellular function and manage sebaceous secretion
• Bespoke Skin Care- Customised specifically for your skins
• LED Light treatment -to help fight the inflammation and p acnes bacteria
• Micro Needling- to restructure the skin and build new healthy collagen