This is one of the hottest topics in the beauty world.  So first of all, let’s be clear from the start. It is impossible to stop the ageing process. However, by understanding what happens within the skin at different stages of your life you will be able to provide your skin with the optimum care and nutrition it needs. This can help guarantee that your skin doesn’t look old decades before it should!

How do we age?

The skin ages in two key ways:

Intrinsic Ageing (Internal)

Approximately only 20% of skin ageing is genetically predetermined. Eventually, skin gets thinner, dryer and less elastic. This happens because we produce less collagen over time. This drop, in collagen production also causes skin to sag and become unable to bounce back with weight loss.

The reason skin gets dryer and thinner over time is because the epidermis loses its ability to hold or attract water. On top of this, age causes a marked decrease in sebaceous glands (oil producing). Oils and water are the elements of that plump skin. Although the extent of these changes varies from person to person, skin aging usually first becomes apparent in your 30s.

Extrinsic Ageing (External)

Now here’s the shocking statistic … Up to 80% of premature skin ageing is caused by our choices because extrinsic ageing is directly related to exposure to the toxins and environmental elements we put our skin through.

Examples include: lifestyle choices, stress, excessive exfoliation, aggressive products or treatments and inappropriate skin care are also major contributors. Once set in motion, extrinsic ageing inevitably leads to premature ageing.

Because of this, here at the skin health clinic we’re on a mission to make sure that the days of peeling, burning or injecting skin in the quest to look younger are soon behind us. As you’ll soon discover we feel so strongly about this because none of these clinical procedures bring any long-term benefits to the health of the skin, instead after an initial cosmetic quick fix they also accelerate the appearance of ageing.

Don’t be fooled…

The skin care market offers customers a wide choice of products with often make ‘big’ promises of reversing these affects; however, traditional formulations usually contain skin damaging ingredients, which after their initial cosmetic effect has disappeared do the opposite and speed up signs of ageing by:

• washing or stripping away the skins protective barrier
• removing the skins natural UV barrier
• causing skin sensitivity, allergy and irritation
• turning off the skins natural healing processes

So please don’t fall for the hype and instead realise that the skin ageing process is both natural and inevitable and your real choice is whether to, ‘Love the skin you’re in’ by understanding what it really needs and making sure it gets it regularly … or to carry on believing the hype.

This means at The Skin Health Clinic we aren’t about quick fix fads or plastic faces. We believe that you should still look like yourself, just a little fresher.

Prevention is always better than correction so the sooner you start the better results you will see for the long term.

However, if you’re a late starter there is some good news because we’re now in an age where we have some great technology that allows us to understand what the skin needs at a much deeper level and by restoring the natural cellular balance to your skin we can slow down and even in some cases reverse intrinsic ageing safely and effectively.

The effectiveness of any anti-ageing treatment comes down to the timing and consistency. Our skin therapists can develop a treatment program that’s designed exactly for you.

Other Aging Concerns that are treatable in clinic:

• Pigmentation
• Age Spots
• Thread Veins