Are you always changing make up to suit your skin?

Are you always changing make up to suit your skin?

I’m asking because one of the biggest complaints we hear from new clients is  ‘My Make up never lasts’ or my skin gets used to my make up so I have to change …

Does this sound like you? If it does, you’ve probably been told some of these things before:

  • Change brand
  • Use oil free or matt make up
  • Use a make up primer
  • Use a setting spray
  • Don’t moisturise if you’ve oily skin
  • Use a setting powder

Whilst none of these things are actually bad advice they miss the point that the Number 1 reason your Make-Up isn’t lasting is NOT because you’re doing it badly or wrong … instead it’s underlying problems with the Skin you are applying it to.

Think about it for a second. If you tried to build a house on weak or unstable foundations what would happen? It wouldn’t last long!

In the same way, oily skin, dry skin, patchy skin, and blemished skin all are signs your skin isn’t functioning properly which means your make-up is going on weak and unstable foundations, so it doesn’t last long either!

If you understand what I’m saying, you’ll now understand that instead of investing more money trying to solve your make-up problems it makes sense to invest in improving your skin which is what we do at The Skin Health Clinic.

The benefit of this is that those that are happier with their skin generally apply less make up too … it’s a Win Win!