Backne or Body Acne?

Noticing bumps on your body, but can’t seem to figure out why they’re popping up? You’ve likely got what’s referred to as bacne — body acne.

You’re not alone… Nearly 60% of people with acne experience breakouts on their bodies as well.

This can appear anywhere on the body but mostly the neck, back, chest and even bottom. 

Trying to figure out the cause the cause can be frustrating but sometimes the answer can be as easy as making a small change to your routine! 

Possible causes:

Sweat it out

A sweaty session can be counterproductive, if you don’t take care to clean your skin after you’ve worked out. Hanging around in your workout clothes might be tempting, especially if your workout wasn’t especially rigorous, but allowing tight, sweat-soaked fabrics to linger on your skin can result in breakouts known as acne mechanica, caused by friction when your skin isn’t exposed to air.

What are we using?

You wash your face morning and night, and follow a strict skincare routine. The skin on your body deserves the same attention! We can treat acne on our body with the same ingredients as our face. people with acne-prone skin know to steer clear of comedogenic ingredients and unnatural oils, but all too often, that stops below the neck. Because the chest and back are also covered in hair follicles, they provide an opportunity for pores to become clogged, which can result in pimples. It’s also

worth noting that the residue from our hair products can exacerbate skin irritation and acne, if you have noticed this maybe it’s time to research and change. 

Did someone say HORMONES?

The condition of acne is often attributed to a hormonal imbalance. When certain hormones are out of balance, our sebaceous glands, which work to create the oil our skin needs to stay healthy and protected, can go into overdrive, producing more than what’s needed to keep our complexions hydrated. This is why many women notice an increase in acne symptoms around their monthly period, during pregnancy, amid times of stress and of course, during puberty. As if those things aren’t stressful enough!

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