Chocolate and Acne tell me more

We’ve all been told in our childhood that chocolate causes spots and as adults we’re constantly seeing information about which foods might be good or bad for our skin.
But what’s the truth? Is chocolate really bad for your skin?

It goes without saying that it is well documented that there is a direct link between your diet and skin health. While the evidence in inconclusive as to chocolate specially,  here is what we do know.

Regular chocolate is high in both dairy (milk), trans fats and sugar and each of 3 ingredients can play a part in the formation of acne and even premature skin ageing. 

Tell me more…

Dairy- Although research is still undergoing It is understood that milk contains IGF-1, as well as other hormones including prolactin, and prostaglandins. IGF-1 may increase sebum  production which is an oil in the skin that in abundance can block pores and cause acne.

Fats- Unhealthy fats can increase inflammation which is a known trigger for Acne. They are also associated with high concentrations of insulin growth factor. 

Sugar- High levels of sugar eaten regularly can stimulate you insulin levels which in turn can affect your androgen hormones which are a known contributor to the formation of spots and Acne. 

Sugar in abundance can also cause ageing by attaching to your collagen and elastin which are the fibres responsible for your strength and elasticity of your skin -Think wrinkles! 

What about dark chocolate? 

Dark chocolate contains much more nutrition with lower fats, higher levels of antioxidants and up to a whopping 50% less sugar! (Brand dependant)

So can i eat Chocolate this Easter? 

Yes, of course you can! But, like all treats, it should be in moderation. Darker chocolates with less fat and sugar are obviously the best choice.

Try not to binge on five Easter eggs in one day, spread them out over the holidays. This will allow your body to process the sugars more gradually and you won’t end up making yourself nauseous or your skin breakout.

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