Do Facials really work?

Do Facials really work?

Let’s be honest most people don’t really understand why they need to have skin treatments or facials as they are more commonly known.

They know it’s nice to get pampered and relaxed for an hour and although their skin feels soft and clean afterwards they don’t really know what else they are paying for apart from relaxation.

If this is you then keep reading so you can see the difference between a traditional “Facial” and a Bespoke Skincare Treatment.

I want to be clear and say I am not saying all facials are solely pampering but I am writing this to help the hundreds and thousands of people who question their purpose or who have been let down by facials that simply didn’t work.

In my eyes there are two pathways to skincare:

  • If you’re simply looking to relax, unwind and enjoy being carried away by the experience of a relaxing Facial then book a ‘Traditional Facial’. Keep in mind if you do have sensitive or spot prone skin some facials contain a lot of  highly fragrant creams and balms that may irritate your skin.
  • On the other hand if your skin is out of balance, inflamed, suffering spots, or many other skin concerns … then you will be looking to start a programme of Bespoke  Skincare Treatments.  These treatments use a unique innovative delivery system to repair your skin’s structure and treat all skin conditions using natural skin identical ingredients-blended uniquely for you. Whilst they can indeed be relaxing this is not the sole focus

The Difference is huge… 

So as you can see the difference is huge, and at The Skin Health Clinic we only offer Skin Treatments for the reasons mentioned above.

Let’s finish by looking  a little bit deeper as to what you can expect from a Skin Treatment, and help you see how powerful these treatments really can be .

They are always Bespoke to your Skin

Yes! We don’t follow set protocols or routines. Instead, after your initial skin assessment all treatment choices will be tailored exactly to the needs of your skin.

This is a completely essential process because just like fingerprints every skin is different, with its own set of unique needs which change over the various stages of our lives. Every time you visit us your treatment will be adapted to your skins needs.

They go beyond the surface

It’s the health of the cells that produces a healthy skin, not treatment of external symptoms. So many skincare products and treatments on the market are chasing the symptoms and never treating the internal problem.

However, we take a ‘Holistic’ approach and look at the bigger picture ensuring we are always correcting and preventing current and future skin problems from arising.

They use Dermatological Ingredients

Sure, we know that extracts and vitamins and other ingredients are great for the skin, but how do they actually get into the epidermis to do their work? They need a transport system to get through the stratum corneum (which is designed to keep things out) and into the epidermis.

At The Skin Health Clinic we use highly specialised technology coupled with skin ‘identical’ creams and a ground breaking engineering process making the ingredient delivery process truly unique. This enables our active ingredients to permeate through the skin barrier, in the most pure form, providing the best results possible.

They don’t compromise your skin

Our aim as skin care therapists is to maintain the skin barrier in its natural condition. The active agents in our products are able to repair the natural barrier without compromising your skin health. We promise we will never peel or strip your skin to achieve a quick result.

They don’t contain skin upsetting ingredients

All out products used in our treatments contain NO emulsifiers, fragrances, preservatives, dyes, silicone’s, PEGs, mineral oil, amines, or occlusive mineral substances which all have negative effects on your skin.

So, Is a Skin Health Treatment for me?

It is the ideal skin care treatment if you desire:

  • A pure skin care range which delivers strong results.
  • Treatments & Products that are scientifically formulated to match the composition of the skin which aids in more efficient penetration.
  • Devised by scientists that strive for comprehensive skin care.
  • The skin treatment therapy of the future.

It is not for you if you need:

  • A quick fix and temporary results
  • A one size fits all approach to skin care
  • A pampering and superficial skin care range
  • A false promise in elegant packaging

We hope this has helped you see why traditional facials have limitation to results and how powerful Skin Treatments can be in your skincare journey.

If you are someone who is looking a bespoke, results driven and healthy way to achieve your skincare goals then get in touch.