Does your Skin Feel Tight ?

Did you know this is a HUGE Myth?! ⠀

Having Tight skin DOES NOT mean it is super clean… it means it has been Stripped of or Lacking natural oils.

I often say to my clients in clinic if your legs were dry or feeling tight you would run to the cupboard and moisture it straight away – would you agree? Yet the common use of harsh abrasive skincare ingredients such as Alcohols, Sulphates and Foaming products has led us to believe this is a ‘Normal’ feeling for our face.

The point is, this feeling or ‘state’ of your skin could even be the root of your skin problems.

Why? Your skin needs a level of natural oil for the protection and function of your Acid Mantle .

It regulates hydration and it also forms the correct Ph balance to stop bacteria overgrowth on the surface or unwanted pathogens getting in which in turn causes sensitivity issues and further reactions or breakouts.

Are you starting to see why this is a myth and not a normal state for your skin to be in?

What should you do? A top tip is turn your product packaging over and read the ingredients list. Forget what the label says on the front ,after all it’s only used to lure you to purchase.

If it contains Alcohol – (Denat/ SD Alcohol), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or an Glycolic Acid in the ingredient list, then it’s probably time to pop it in the bin (there are more nasties than those listed above but these are probably the worst culprits for now)
These ingredients are know skin irritants that cause dryness, irritation and breakouts. So, we’re firm believers that they don’t have a place in skincare.
As mentioned above they also deteriorate your skin’s protective barrier which means your skin is no longer effective at keeping moisture in and the bad guys out … I’m guessing you are ready to go check out those skincare ingredients if you haven’t already! ⠀⠀
If this has made you think about what you are using on your skin or you need help finding out if what your using is helping or hindering your skin then why not book a Skin Analysis and Consultation where we can chat through everything and find solutions that will help you on your journey to healthy skin.

Written by

Victoria Shields

Clinic Director & Expert Skin Therapist