If you’re grappling with the challenges of dry, lackluster skin, it’s likely associated with lipid-dry skin, a condition often linked to essential fatty acid deficiency (EFAD) and other contributing factors. 

Understanding Lipid-Dry Skin

Lipid-dry skin, known for its matte and less supple appearance, is on the rise in today’s skincare landscape. Contemporary skincare practices are acknowledged as a contributing factor by experts. While some individuals may inherit genetically dry skin, it can also manifest as a result of several factors, including:

  • Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency (EFAD)
  • Menopausal Changes
  • Aggressive Skincare Routines: Including excessive cleansing and exfoliation
  • Unsuitable Ingredients in Skincare Products: Such as emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, and mineral oils
  • Diet-Related Influences: Such as excessive caffeine, alcohol, junk food, specific medications, or insufficient water intake
  • Environmental Impact: From indoor heating, air-conditioning, and varying climate conditions
  • Medical Conditions: Such as eczemz, psoriasis and certain medication

Dehydrated Skin Treatments

Wondering about the solutions available to revitalise your dehydrated skin? Our clinic presents an array of skin treatments and bespoke home-care products designed to elevate dry and dehydrated skin.

Identify Your Skin Type and Tailored Regimen

Not sure what your unique skin type is? Seeking a personalised skincare regimen crafted to your individual needs? Consider scheduling a consultation with our skincare experts. They are well-equipped to address your inquiries and offer recommendations for the most suitable hydrating, moisturising, and rejuvenation treatments and products fine-tuned to your specific skin concerns.