How to remove stubborn Halloween make-up

Its great fun dressing up and adding the details with some Halloween Make-up, but we all know it can be downright ‘Horror Scene’ to remove.

Here’s our skin cleansing guide to removing even the most stubborn Halloween makeup so you don’t look quite so spooky in the morning and leave your skin suffering for weeks ahead.


Apply 1-2 pump of DMS cleansing milk to damp hands and begin to massage into your skin

Halloween make-up is designed not to budge and will contain various oils, waxes or silicones in abundance to your usual daily make-up so it will most definitely take longer than usual to remove.


It sounds a lot, but we recommend adding a 2nd or 3rd cleanse to loosen heavy Halloween makeup. Patience is key…. Do not scrub or use heavy friction techniques especially if you have sensitive or acne prone skin.


It’s always best to treat your delicate eye area with the gentlest care.

To remove your Halloween eye makeup, use a pea size amount of DMS Cleansing and apply in circular motions around the eye area and over the lash line. Remove with a soft flock mitt or cotton wool pad.

P.S If you are wearing any form of false eyelashes then follow your brand packaging or therapists guidelines for the safest removal.


Once your skin is make-up free, it’s time to TREAT your skin too much needed TLC.

Apply the Neogenesis Moisturising Mist to cool, soothe and hydrate the skin followed by 2-3 pumps of Vitamin Cream.This cream is infused with concentrated amounts of vitamins A, C, E & F and nutrients to moisturise, calm and nurture your skin’s appearance. Leave it on for 15 mins as a treatment mask or sleep in it overnight.

Finally, What to Avoid

  • Harsh soaps (including fairy liquid!)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Baby Oil

They will all strip your natural oils, trigger breakouts and even sensitivity.

DMS Cleansing Milk is available to purchase in clinic or by emailing our sales team at: good news is this cleansing milk is 100% safe to use on kids skin too!

For any more advice do not hesitate to get in touch with our skin health experts at our clinic in Newry, Co.Down,