How to prepare you skin for Autumn / Winter

Autumn / Winter. It’s a time of reflection and observation.  As the weather cools, more time will be spent inside and there’s a tendency to slow life down.  Slow food will be cooked, time will be spent reading in front of open fires and on the whole, people will spend less time pursuing outdoor activities. Although it’s certainly not time to slow down your skin care routine and here is why…

For some lucky people, cooler weather simply brings a rosy glow to the cheeks, while for others like myself, it can cause dry and inflamed skin on both the face and body. For those with eczema, psoriasis and acne, the colder months can be particularly problematic.

Did you know ….

That if the temperature drops below 8 degrees, our sebaceous glands dramatically slow production of sebum (or oil), or can stop completely?  A lack of sebum weakens the barrier of the skin.  And this barrier is what protects and prevents skin from drying out.  And if the skin is already compromised, it makes it even more essential that we maintain and enrich our skin care routine during the winter months.

So in line with the season, here is Victoria’s Top tips to maintaining optimal skin health during the colder months.

Victoria’s Top Tips

  1. Increase the lipid content of your moisturiser. This will keep the skin soft, smooth and resistant to environmental stressors. This is especially important for those people who spend a lot of time outdoors and also those working in overheated indoor environments. As standard during your next visit we will do this for you.
  2. Add a bespoke Serum into your skincare regime. Blended with moisture bursting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or one of our bespoke omega skin oils. This will help reduce excess water loss from your skin.
  3. A nutritious diet helps rejuvenate the skin. Drink plenty of water and eat a variety of leafy vegetables & fruits, seeds and nuts.
  4. Increase your Skin Omegas . Particularly Omega 3 as it will greatly benefit the skin by regulating oil production, prevent acne, and by delaying the skins ageing process to stave off those wrinkles.
  5. Don’t forget…. the lips are particularly vulnerable to the cooler, drier weather, since they have no protective fatty tissue and so can easily become brittle and cracked. Always carry a Dermaviduals Lip Repair to avoid those painful cracks chaps.

Have regular Skin Treatments

Having a regular skin treatment every 4-6 weeks will make a big difference to your skin and results that you can achieve.

All our bespoke skin treatments at The Skin Health Clinic are designed to meet the changing needs of your skin, so when we see you your treatment will be customised accordingly.

Winter is the best time for Advanced Skin Treatments

Autumn/Winter is actually the best time to start advanced skin care treatments such as our popular Microneedling Treatment.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is an effective treatment designed to stimulate poor-quality skin so that it regenerates and repairs itself naturally. The treatment forms micro-channels in the skin that stimulate the production of growth factors to trigger the production of new collagen & elastin.

Provided this treatment is done on a prepared skin with the proper homecare, results are astounding.

If you’d like to know more then click here or get in touch with us for more information.


There is no doubt that Autumn/ Winter can be a difficult time for our skin, but by combining practical steps with regular skin treatments you can prevent a lot of the common skin problems before they take hold.

My advice is stay prepared and you and your skin can make the most out of the winter season.