Is Autumn Peel season?

Regardless of what the ‘beauty industry’ tell you Autumn is not peel season.

Using the analogy of the roof of a house … When was it a good idea to to decide to force and remove the tiles of your house as winter approached ? Because regardless of the type of peel that is effectively what you are doing.

Your Roof is your Barrier

Your roof aka your Skin Barrier is what mother nature intended to protect you and your skin. It was never designed to cope with peelings, strippings, Aha’s , Bha’s along with copious amounts of Vitamin A and retinol.

Let’s be real, there is no hidden gold underneath either. Their is nothing to reveal or find only making your skin more vulnerable to the elements and environment. Having removed up to the first 3 lines of your skin’s defence system you are at high risk of hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, dehydation, EFAD and premature aging of your skin.

Sensitivity and more…

After seeing clients who have been victim of the attraction and somewhat addiction to peeling services it is never a good ending Long term. And on that note – another peel is not the answer. We have seen people who had a healthy, problem free skin now suffer with huge sensitivity issues and redness they never had due to a highly impaired Skin Barrier which will take time to heal and repair.

So who said it was ‘Peel Season’? Most definitely not a Skin Therapist.