Mary’s Skin Story

Meet Mary…

Mary has always had dry skin growing up and never suffered with spots. 

Mary is now in her 30’s. She has started a new job, moved house, is feeling quite stressed and has broke out in lots of spots on her lower face and temples.

She is now even more stressed now that she’s got spots and thinks gosh my skin must be getting more oily, I need to change my products.

So off she goes and starts treating her skin with products for oily spotty skin. Most of which products contain agents to dry up excess oil and may even contain ingredients to strip or peel the skin.

She thinks the stinging must be helping….

On using her new products her face does feel ‘cleaner’ but the spots are still happening and now she’s starting to feel drier and tighter after washing her skin and from time to time even a bit stingy but she thinks that must be it helping…..

She then changes her daytime moisturiser to something a bit richer to help combat the dryness but uses her acne products at night.

All of this and she is still confused with why she is still breaking out and now her skin is feeling worse than it did beforehand. 

Can you relate to this?…. Mary is in a ‘hamster wheel’ going around and round and still doesn’t know what is causing the breakouts.

She is simply guessing in the hope of getting rid of the spots but after a consultation with Victoria and seeing Mary’s skin, Victoria noticed her outer layer of the skin (protective barrier) had been stripped and she was now quite sensitised.  

Disrupting your skin’s micro-flora can lead to more breakouts

You see Mary’s true skin type is lipid dry (low oil) so using harsh oil stripping products has actually made her skin worse.

Unknowingly she has been stripping all oil of her skin as well as her natural skin flora protection which means she is now more susceptible to Acne (yep- bad bacteria has got hold and Acne has a party).

So, whilst Mary was trying to help her skin it is now worse and hence why her acne wasn’t improving. 

Mary is now a client with us, and we’ve not only helped Mary understand her skins needs but we’ve seen her skin transform into a skin that Mary is happy to live in. One that feels softer, rarely breaks out, heals quicker and one that is certainly healthier.

A Consultation is key from the start

Having a consultation at the start of any skincare programme is absolutely key to getting the advice you need from someone who understands skin. 

If your like Mary and frustrating with your skin…. with open pores….with breaking out or any other skin concern then get in touch. 

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Let me explain all about having an In-depth Skin Analysis.

We believe an In-depth Skin Analysis is key to getting the best results from your skin treatments and home care products especially if you have a more complex or challenging skin concern.

A thorough skin Analysis will take 45mins – 1 hr.

It will include questions about: 

  • The past and present of how your skin is behaving
  • It will look at your health, diet, lifestyle, genetic traits and well-being
  • It will also assess how you have treated your skin in the past and present and how effective this has been.
  • It will then include a Digital Skin imaging session to help paint the picture of your true skin type. 

After this you will fall into 1 of 3 categories:

•Dry (lacking oil)

•Oily (excess oil) 

•Diffused Redness (true sensitive)

What we must realise is we are born with a skin type that we can’t change it, but we can do lots to manage it and support it. 

Next we will look at skin conditions (not type) that may present on the skin. These are more related to Health, Diet and lifestyle and may even been caused by the products or treatments you are using.  

These are usually open pores, dehydration, Acne or congestion etc. 

The Good news…

With the proper care and corrective treatments though most of these problems can be managed and even eradicated. 

It’s really important that people understand their true skin type because that will always be the basis for your skincare regime. 

To find out more Call the clinic on : 02838 894 121

Client Testimonial

My Skin has been so much healthier and clearer from i started going to The Skin Health Clinic. Regular Micro-needling has made such an improvement,my acne scars are disappearing,it’s great!

-Cathy J