Large or open pores as they are commonly known are one of the top skin concerns we see in clinic.

Essentially there is no such thing as an ‘open’ pore – all pores are technically open, functioning as small channels to rid the body of both perspiration and toxins. There are, however, large pores and small pores.

They are several different factors leading to open pores but the thing that is most important is determining the cause so that the most effective treatment can be tailored for each individual.

Most people who are troubled with open pores will most likely have 2-3 contributing factors:

The top five causes are:

1. Oily skin
2. Ageing / UV Damage
3. Incorrect Skincare Products
4. Your gender and hormones
5. Genetics

So how do you improve or minimise them?

Whilst we cannot permanently make pores smaller, there are steps we can take to make them far more discreet. This is because things such as blackheads, sebum and lose of collagen will make pores far more noticeable than they really need to be, and by treating these symptoms directly, we can drastically improve both the complexion and the appearance of the pores.

There is no one treatment or one product to reduce pores, our approach to this skin condition is always multi-faceted.

To achieve smaller pores, we start by:

• First the assessing your skin type and skin history
• We then carry out Professional Skincare Treatments so that the pores are cleared of any excess oil and dead skin cell build up.
• We will introduce certain Homecare products to regulate the oil flow and then progress to tighten the pore opening if required.
• Advanced skin treatments such as Microneedling may be recommended depending on the severity of the problem.

In addition to corrective skincare, Mineral Makeup is a fantastic blurring tool, succeeding where conventional makeup often fails. This is because the fine pigment particles instead adhere to the natural oils in the skin, instead of sinking and exaggerating the pores like many other types of cosmetic coverage.

Ask us about your coverage options next time you visit us or why not book a colour match today. We would be happy to show you just how miraculously flawless it can make those pores appear whilst avoiding all the chemicals and oils that conventional make-up contains.