Epi Nouvelle Facial Sheet Mask

Epi Nouvelle Facial Sheet Mask


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Epi nouvelle facial sheet mask gently supports regeneration of sensitive skin.

Free from other ingredients, epi nouvelle+ naturelle completely relies on the cooling, skin-relaxing effect of pure water.

The effect of epi nouvelle+ naturelle:

Contributes significantly to redness relief and skin tightness
Moisturising & Cooling for hours
Relaxes and soothe your skin
Adheres very gentle to the skin
Pure natural product, 100% vegan
Immediate well-being

No use of preservatives and additives,Made in Germany: extremely high quality.
The skin regeneration starts immediately!

Here’s How It Works:

  • Step 1: Remove face mask from packaging and carrier foil
  • ​Step 2: Apply to your face leave on for 30 mins – 60 mins
  • ​Step 3: Peel off to uncover your refreshed skin and face

Top Tip- The mask can be placed in a sealed bag and kept in the refrigerator and used daily for 4 days. Please then discard.


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