Real Life Acne Story

I want to share with you a journey of one of my clients. She suffered in silence because of her acne until she found us….

“What have you tried so far i asked Aynsley during her consultation?”- EVERYTHING!

Product after product, remedy after remedy and of course every friend and family member giving their pennies worth as to how Aynsley should help her skin. (All meaning well of course).

Sudocream, toothpaste, tea tree and the likes had all been used as some stage from memory. She had tired them all. The sad thing is nothing worked and in my professional opinion most likely caused her Acne to get worse.

Her face was red and even purple at times. It was sore, uncomfortable and irritable. In short having Acne is no fun…. Its soul destroying. Its confidence wrecking and worse still; it scars you-literally.

“You’ll grow out of It”….

Leave it alone and you’ll grow out of it…. This is what parents, family and even doctors will tell someone who’s suffering with Acne. So you live in hope that somehow it will just disappear….

Well I don’t know what your own personal experience has been, but I can speak from experience as a skin therapist who meets Acne clients every single day, this is a rare occurrence.

Most of the Acne clients we see are between the ages of 15-35. They too though it will just go away but it didn’t and still unfortunately struggling with much progress. 

The problem….

You see the problem with this is by the time they get to us, their confidence is low, they are at their wits end and because they’ve suffered for years the scarring is pretty severe also. Spots are one thing but scars in some cases are worse and this is why it is not a sensible idea to wait longer in the hope it will just go away.

So what should you do?

Can i start by saying there is hope!

But you need to start at the beginning. Start by having a ‘proper’ an in-depth Skin Analysis carried out by an expert skin therapist to get to the root of why your skin is breaking out.

Until the underlying causes of Acne are addressed, Acne will not just magically disappear.

You see Acne has multiple causes such as oil production, oil quality, health, hormones, diet, lifestyle, and until these work in harmony little progress will be seen.  

After getting to the route cause(s) we are able to recommend and customise treatments and products that will address those issues on an individual basis like we did with Aynsley.

Aynsely’s journey so far has taken approximately 8-9 months. She has been consistent and patient and followed exactly the protocols we give her. Considering how long she had been suffering this has been an incredible progress as you can see from the images below.

We feel the pain of our clients that suffer with their skin. We literally want to shout from the rooftops when we see transformations like Anysley’s so that we can reach out and help others like her too.

Being Acne Free is possible. I often say to my clients having a few spots is okay but having 40 is not! Let’s work together to help you get there.

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