Sensitivity is one of the most common skin complaints (removed ‘and’) in Europe, the United States and Japan. It affects approximately 50% of women and 30% of men, with younger adults reporting more sensitivity than older adults.

To you these may seem like extremely large statistics. However, here at The Skin Health Clinic we don’t find them surprising.


Because our experience shows that many women have become so confused by all the conflicting marketing messages and ‘expert’ advice they are exposed to daily that they end up using the wrong products in the wrong amounts at the wrong times on their skin and this inflames their skin.

What makes this more worrying is that inflammation is one of the main causes of premature aging.

All this means is that to treat sensitive skin effectively, you must first understand whether you have naturally sensitive skin or whether it has become sensitised due to outside factors.

A true sensitive skin condition – is caused by a genetic predisposition. Someone who is truly sensitive is born with this condition and tends to be prone to blushing, suffers asthma and or allergies. This skin is generally more delicate, pale coloured, a thin epidermis, and blood vessels close to the skin surface, hence the obvious appearance of redness.

A Sensitised skin – reflects your environment, lifestyle and physiology.

Pollution, stress, hormonal fluctuations, smoking, alcohol, poor diet, medical procedures and over-cleaning or exfoliated skin can all lead to sensitization. Cosmetic ingredients including alcohol, lanolin, fragrance and D&C colorants can also lead to sensitised skin.

Regardless of which category you fall into, what we do know is that your skin has developed sensitivity and has become over reactive to whatever you put on it, its angry and even the gentlest product will irritate it.

In skin terms; its first line of defence is impaired; the protective bilayers have been compromised so the skin is wary of everything that is put on it.

We also know that you have likely tried every product under the sun and your skin is still unhappy.

“I can personally empathise with you as I have lived with a True Sensitive Skin condition all my life. I have made all the mistakes only to be left with more irritated skin that was completely out of balance and I’m here to educate you so that you don’t have to make those same mistakes I made. “ Victoria ( Founder of The Skin Health Clinic).

Regardless of the cause what you need at times like this are gentle products that do not contain perfumes, preservatives or emulsifiers. You need products that will restore the skin’s PH balance, and strengthen the bilayers.

We can confidently tell you that what we offer here at The Skin Health Clinic.

The products we use are so skin similar that they mimic the natural skin barrier. They will give the skin back its defence system, which in turn rebuilds the acid mantel and strengthens the bilayers so the skin so no longer feels under attack.

As no two skins are the same every sensitive skin is going to be caused by different factors. It will take time to heal and seal the skin again, to calm down inflammation and rebuild the skin slowly and gently but this way you get the results that you will be more than happy to live with.