Serum or Moisturiser? What is the Difference?

After our recent instagram poll a huge 90% of you asked us to help you understand the difference between a Moisturiser and a Serum So let’s dive in!

One undisputed fact is that we all need to take care of our skin in order for it to be healthy. Agreed right?!

What is a Moisturiser for?

Moisturisers are designed to hydrate the skin by adding to and sealing in the natural lipids and moisture. They help maintain a good moisture and oil balance on the skins surface which is crucial step to creating overall skin health in all skins including acne.

Although moisturisers can contain ingredients to target specific issues like acne or ageing (thanks to our bespoke Dermaviduals range) their main role is to get good hydration to the skin and keep it there. 

How about Serums…

Serums, on the other hand, are formulated to penetrate deeper into the skin and address or even reverse ageing and skin damage at the deeper level. Serums contain lots more antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins that work to repair past damage and the structure of skin cells. 

Serums can do this more effectively because they have smaller particles especially when used with a skin delivery system using nanoparticles or exosomes.

I like to think of a serum as the secret weapon for treating skin issues like pigmentation, dullness, fine lines, or acne — and a moisturiser as the key to hydrating your skin.

Which should you use?

This will entirely depend on your skins needs and the health of your skin. I recommend chatting with your skin therapist so that you can make a decision based on YOUR skin. Remember, a sensitive skin can sometimes react to more active ingredients until the skin barrier is repaired so if that’s you please be mindful of this.

For me personally i use both. As you can see they serve different purposes. I am not one to recommend layers upon layers but if you want more from your skincare results then a serum plays an effective part.

To find out more about your skincare needs why not book an Online Skin Consultation with one of our skincare experts.