Don’t confuse your Skin Type with a Skin Condition

To give your skin the best possible care and to see the most effective results from your skincare you need to understand the difference between your skin type and skin conditions.

What is a Skin Type?

Your genes determine the skin type you are born with and whatever that is it is with you for life. It could be called permanent (until menopause hits- that’s for another day!)

There is only 3 genetic skin types:

1. Lipid Dry ( little oil)

2. Oily

3. True Sensitive 

What is a skin condition?

A skin condition considered temporary and is generally influenced by internal or external factors. There are 5 main categories that skin conditions fall into:

1. Ageing

2. Pigmentation 

3. Blemish Prone Skin

4. Sensitivity

5. Dehydration 

Although both your skin type and skin conditions are interconnected, when treating skin it is imperative that these are looked at both individually and collectively.

For example, a genetic Lipid dry skin should not be treated for Acne in the same manner a true Oily skin type. (so don’t reach for degreasing products!).Also, an Oily skin can also be dehydrated so don’t avoid moisture. Can you see how they both need addressed individually and as a whole?

Don’t confuse them!

Mixing up skin types and skin conditions are the difference between seeing results or exacerbating an already difficult skin problem. 

This is why it is fundamentally crucial to have a consultation with a skin expert. We will ask a series of questions (lots!) to understand your skin type and also skin conditions to make sure the products recommended are uniquely matched to these concerns. The bonus of Dermaviduals skincare is that we can custom blend our products to make sure they meet all the need of your skin. Isn’t this pretty cool?!

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