2 Things more important than the brand you use

It’s very easy to get absorbed in brand marketing, you hear the buzz words and think they are the answer to your prayers but after 15 years of treating skin one thing I’ve learnt is that skincare isn’t just about buying a ‘Good Brand’ of products.

I’ve realised that there are 2 things that are king over investing in a Brand:

  • 1. Therapist’s Skin Knowledge: You see, you can can sell any brand of products but it’s completely irrelevant if you don’t have the skin knowledge first. It’s the difference in selling an Acne product or having the knowledge to understand why the Acne could be their in the first place. The difference is vast and so are the results.
  • 2. Ingredient Knowledge: It’s unfortunate but the front of a skincare product can claim many things, some which are untrue, so as a skin therapist and a client it’s important to understand what the most important part of a label is – the ingredients. Their relevance, their quantity & their quality. This is what you should be paying for not just a fancy box or nice smell.

Why does this matter? 

Just like the rest of your organs, your skin has a set of criteria it needs and others it doesn’t, so understanding this first is crucial. Once you find out that information then you can target those specifically with the ingredients necessary to get the results you want to achieve (regardless of the skin concern.)

A Business built on knowledge

Our guarantee to you is that our clinic is 100% based on knowledge and education so that you the client can get the best results possible with your skin. We aren’t into fluff and puff products that do nothing more than smell nice.

In our clinic we are blessed to work with brands that allow our skin experts to decide what our clients skin needs (or doesn’t) and design Bespoke Products and Treatments to suit those. Yes it’s actually possible!

All the brands and treatment technologies that we work with are incredible in their field, but no longer is my business build on a ‘brand’, instead it’s built on my knowledge and how my team and I deliver this to our clients.  

It’s why we are regularly training and building upon this knowledge. Not just brand knowledge but independent studies which then can be applied to anything we offer in our clinic now or in the future.

My Advice

Don’t get hung up on a brand folks! Skincare results don’t just come from a good brand , they come from an educated skin therapist who empowers you to understand the needs of your skin and helps you achieve the results you desire.

Ask the question, Does my skin therapist really understand my skin? That’s what you should be investing in. If you find that it’s Gold, go grab it!

Written by

Victoria Shields

Clinic Director & Expert Skin Therapist

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