The Importance of a REAL Skin Consultation

Have you ever had a Digital Skin Analysis & Consultation? Or maybe you’re not even sure why you would need one…. 

Let us help you understand the importance of this exciting step. 

As a clinic we aren’t interested in just selling products for the sake of a sale. Our passion and interest is on a complete skincare journey that focuses on results that are bespoke to each individual client.

The importance of this exciting step should never be missed. A true professional skin clinic should never just be interested in selling products to you for the sake of a sale. This goes against everything we believe in. Our passion and interest isn’t on one sale or one treatment but on a Client Skincare journey that focuses on results that are bespoke to each individual client.

To achieve this we need to dive deep to the cause and create this bespoke skincare for our clients their Digital Skin Analysis & Consultation is the key starting point.

Our philosophy is simple; As no Two Skins are the Same, why would your Skincare be?

During your Skin Consultation we examine 4 main areas contributing to your skin health. We take a holistic approach when treating skin because how your skin is presenting is an overall picture of body health, nutrition and wellness.

The principle of “You are what you Eat” applies to your Skin and how it performs on a daily basis. Nutritionally your skin has requirements it needs and others it doesn’t so understanding this is vitally important for achieving the best and long lasting results.

Digital Skin Analysis

We also carry out a Digital Skin Analysis to assess what’s happening under the surface of the skin. Examining redness levels, oil flow, oil quality, skin texture and overall skin health.

The results we find from this helps us understand why your skin is behaving as it is and its only by investigating and truly understanding the leading causes of your skins condition that we can go beyond just treating the symptoms as most skin regimes do and actually create long term solutions that give you results you’ll be more than happy to live with.

This is also a great way for you to visually see your skin and also means we can track progress by re-imaging throughout your skincare journey.

I’m sure you can see by now how self-diagnosing your skin causes a huge problem as we simply treat what we see to be the problem. Commonly we see clients treating Acne as being an oil only issue when in fact it’s much more than this. Realising this has been a life changing experience for our clients both to how their skin looks and feels.

If you are having skin issues or would like the health of your skin assesses then don’t skip this crucial step and don’t let a product flow chart or friend recommendation sway you. Remember no two skins are the ever same

If you’ve never had a true in depth skin analysis before or if you would like us to take a look at your skin and show you what great results we can do for you, then we’d love to hear from you .