Advanced Cosmetic Procedures is a simple and safe method of successfully removing Facial Thread Veins and other skin blemishes.

Thread veins are permanently dilated capillaries. They have very thin walls which constantly dilate and constrict. As we age these vessels lose their elasticity and can become permanently dilated.

There are numerous causes including: ageing, sun-damage, hereditary, pregnancy, trauma e.g. The rubbing of spectacles and smoking. Energetic sports, temperature extremes, harsh weather exposure, hormones and skin fragility are also common causes. They are commonly seen in a maturing ‘English rose’ complexion.

Facial Thread Veins can usually be removed in 1-2 quick treatments here at The Skin Health Clinic. Further treatments may be necessary depending on the area to be treated. Results are instantaneous, pleasing and life changing for many.

What to expect?

The tip of a fine, small probe (about the size of an eyelash) is introduced along the area to be treated and a tiny energy current is discharged. This dries up and destroys the blood vessel which often disappears as it is being treated.

Will my veins return?

The treated vein will not return but others may occur depending on the root cause. Your skin specialist will advise you during consultation of aftercare advice to follow.

How long will the treatment take?

The time taken will depend on the size, number and nature of the problem. Your Skin therapist will advise during the consultation what course of treatment is likely to be required.

Treatments Options

Your skin specialist will be pleased to offer you a consultation and price estimate.

Your consultation also includes a bespoke after care product specially formulated to complement Advanced Cosmetic Procedure treatments.

ACP Consultation

15 minutes


redeemable off 1st appointment

ACP Treatment Procedure

15-30 minutes