We are delighted to be opening our doors on the 7th of July.We can’t wait to get back doing what we love best- treating skin!

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 we want to assure you of our commitment to safety with the procedures and processes we have put in place.

It goes without saying that as our clinic’s reputation always been one of upmost hygiene and cleanliness and that certainly is what we promise to always uphold.
Here are a few things that you will need to know before you visit us next:


• PPE- As per government guidelines, our staff will initially be wearing full face visors which will protect you and them. This may look a little daunting, but it is for everyone’s safety. These also offer better protection than sneeze screens.
• We will be omitting bed coverings as much as possible. Whilst this may make things look a little more bare it does increased safety. Any toweling used will be changed immediately after each client.
• Between clients- As always, we will sanitise each area and disinfect all tools used before our next client.
• Please sanitise your hands on arrival and departure of the clinic using our hand dispensers placed in the hallway and reception.

Your appointment

• Reading material will no longer be available in the clinic as we are unable to sanitise it down, however you can certainly bring your own along with you, we just ask you to take it home with you after your appointment.
• Please arrive by yourself. It is strictly one person per appointment, sadly this does mean no children.
• Please arrive at the agreed time, to maximise the efficacy of our social distancing measures. Any late clients will be refused, we cannot accommodate for delays in service starts during this time.
• We no longer accept walk-ins, you must pre book your appointment even to collect products.
• Now more than ever, our time is limited. We will be enforcing a ZERO tolerance cancellation policy. If you need to cancel/reschedule an appointment we will be needing a 24 hour notice, If you cancel an appointment AFTER the 24 hour time frame or no-show, you will not be permitted to reschedule a future appointment without a pre-payment in advance.

Remember, do not make an appointment if :

You have experienced any cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days
You have been in contact with anyone with cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days

We look forward to seeing you soon

The Skin Health Clinic Team