Why Stem Cells

Imagine a process so advanced, so detailed and complete that it acts as a self-healing process to maintain our body over a lifetime.  Upon further inspection, this process is also completely natural to our body and is what assists with healing after disease and trauma.  We owe many of the miracles created daily within our body to the variety of adult stem cells found throughout the body.

The news gets even better.  The stem cell-based processes that maintain and heal our body, including our skin, can be improved through our own lifestyle choices.  The proper diet, moderate exercise, practicing stress reduction and avoiding harsh toxins and chemicals create a healthy environment where stem cells can thrive.  Healthy stem cells function at a higher level and are better able to do their work to help us heal and thrive.

NeoGenesis is not a regular skin care company. It is a technology-driven anti-ageing company that applies the latest advances in adult stem cell research to promote what we call ‘skin-fitness.’

Healthy skin is youthful and beautiful looking skin.  NeoGenesis products restore your body’s natural capacity to heal and regenerate itself. The results are noticeably vibrant, smoother-looking skin, especially in delicate areas like around the eyes. Through our close relationships with the nation’s top research labs we are able to offer a family of anti-ageing skin care products that actually work. The results speak for themselves. The products are luxurious, meticulously designed and manufactured smart, to be safe and very effective.

NeoGenesis® holds a global license for the advanced S²RM® Technology developed by BioRegenerative Science, Inc. for cosmeceutical purposes. We currently have the following product formulations available in our clinic:

For a personalised recommendation based on your skins needs we recommend booking a consultation with our skin experts.