Why we don’t offer Dermaplaning

its something we get asked on a daily basis- Do we offer Dermaplaning?

As a clinic based on healthy skin what we offer you will always be focused on treating, protecting and respecting the health of your skin.It is for this reason we do not offer dermaplaning / blading on our service menu.

Physiologically there is absolutely no long term benefit to dermaplaning your face. If you have a skin issue then over exfoliation will rarely (if ever) be the answer to your problem and in fact could be a contributor to the issues you that you are currently seeing on your skin.

Instead of heavily exfoliating your skin and exposing immature skin cells which have the potential to increase sensitivity and many other risk factors, seek to understand what is causing your skin texture to be rough or uneven to begin with:

  • Is it the products or make-up you are using?
  • Is your skin dehydrated?
  • Are you essential fatty acid deficient?
  • Is it a genetic disposition?
  • Could it be medication that you are using?

Don’t fall into marketing hype and quick fix gimmicks. Healthy skin starts from within, complemented with topical skin identical ingredients that have the power to change and improve your skin.

For more information or to answer any questions your have get in touch. We’d love to help!