Your Skin Isn’t Dead

In today’s skincare world the word aggressive and peels are quite the norm, products that burn or sting  are said to be “doing their job” (wrong)  but just because these treatments and words are thrown around this doesn’t always make it okay and we know from chatting to lots of our clients, it puts a lot of people off trying anything with fear that it will ruin their skin.

At the Skin Health Clinic our protocols always follow safety first. In fact, we don’t offer any treatments that would ever comprise your skin because as our name suggests we are interested in the health of your skin both in the short and long term.

You see whilst having a quick fix sounds enticing, they could come at the cost of the health of your skin in the form of premature ageing, pigmentation issues and even sensitivity.

Rather than trying to mask problems by stripping them away temporarily we focus on restoring the skin and educating our clients on any topical or internal issues that are contributing to the problem.

Your skin is not Dead

All of this comes under the umbrella of a terminology called Corneotherapy. (read more) We do this because it is now widely understood that the outer layer of the skin is a biologically active cellular tissue. In other words, it is not dead. It is a living functioning organ with needs much more complex than we imagine hence why stripping it off doesn’t make sense in most cases.

If you have any skincare concerns or interested in finding out what your skin needs, then it makes sense to begin with a thorough and personalised Skin Analysis .Here we can assess all areas that are contributing to your skin and get to the bottom of your current problems and help you treat them in a safe, effective and long term manner.

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